New Patients

New Patients

We are excited that you have chosen us to partner with you on your journey to wellness. Our strategies will walk you through a path that incorporates 3 stages. First, we focus on your symptoms. Second, we address the underlying cause of your health challenges. Third, we target optimization of your health focusing on the prevention of future disease so you and your family will feel vibrant and full of health today and the many tomorrows to come.

There are some steps below that you will need to walk through to become a new patient at A Natural Choice. In summary, you will need to schedule an appointment and then set up your online portal. We know the virtual world can be intimidating at first, but it has become crucial for our effective communication with you. We promise you that the effort will be well worth it in the long run. We are here to help you if you have challenges, but please watch the video below because it takes you through the process step by step.

1. Schedule an Appointment by Email

First, you will need to schedule an appointment by emailing us at HELP@ANATURALCHOICE.ORG and we will reach out to you to place you on the schedule. Please include the best phone number, time, and day to reach you.

2. Check your email from OutSmart EMR

Once you have scheduled your new patient appointment you will automatically receive 3 emails from OutsmartEMR. You will receive your appointment confirmation, your access code to set up your patient portal, and important information about registering for your portal. Please complete your portal registration right away because your access code expires within 5 days. If you don’t receive your emails within 24 hours please check your junk mail.

3. Complete your portal profile

Once you are in your portal start by completing your personal information in the Your Profiles section. Make sure the email you use to register is the same email you enter in the Your Profile section in your portal. If you try to use more than one email your portal will not receive the information we place there. If you are registering for a child then please use the following format for your registering email. Use your email and add a + with your child’s name. Here’s an example. for a child named Emily would become Sara All of Emily‘s emails will then go to SarahSmith@gmail. Using the +emily will allow you to create more than one account attached to that email if needed in the future.

4. Read and sign online forms

After your personal information is entered head to the SmartForms & Graphs section. You will see a section of administrative forms that are easy to complete and simply require you to read and sign them. You will also see a New Patient Questionnaire. This form is more complex so please give yourself an hour to complete it. The doctor is very thorough, and this information will give her a good picture of your overall health. Submit these forms as soon as possible and ideally at least a week prior to your appointment.

5. Find Documents and Uploads

After you have completed steps 3 and 4 familiarize yourself with a section that you will be using in the future called Documents & Uploads. This is where all your labs, educational material from the doctor and, your Personal Nutrition Plan will available. Right now, it will be empty.

6. Your Appointments Area

The your appointment section will show your previous appointments and your upcoming appointments that are scheduled within the next 30 days. If your appointment is beyond 30 days it will not show until that time frame has been reached.

Office Visit Pricing

If you have Naturopathic Insurance Coverage:

We are in network with a number of insurance companies and we will attempt to verify your coverage, but please make sure you understand your coverage. We are reliant on what they tell us and would like you to be able to inform us if they quote inaccurate information. Also, insurance does cover naturopathic medical services, but it often does not cover education, nutritional support, weight loss and other services which are considered elective. We will do our best to utilize your insurance the best we can, and we will work hard at estimating non-covered costs of your care prior to them occurring.

If you DO NOT have Naturopathic Insurance Coverage:

If you do not have coverage, we have discounted fees that are listed below. Fees are based upon complexity and time involved. But overall, this price structure will give you an idea of what it will cost.

Prices when insurance is not billed:

New Patient 30 minutes$180
New Patient 45 minutes$250
New Patient 60 minutes$310
Follow up visit 15 minutes, simple$80
Follow up visit 20-25 minutes$115-$125
Follow up visit 30-35 minutes$150
Follow up visit with Zyto Scan$165

We look forward to seeing you! If you have questions, please email us at , or call us at 360-573-CARE (2273)