Meet the Team

Dr. Heather Boyd Roberts, Naturopathic Physician

Dr. Boyd-Roberts views your symptoms differently than a traditional medical doctor. She looks for the root cause of what is driving your symptoms instead of covering them up with various medications. She works with her patients to guide them in making mutual decisions about the steps to take to improve their health, whether their desire is symptom control or wellness enhancement. Her approach is to address your symptoms through correction of the root cause of your concerns. She does this using various mean of testing. In addition to traditional testing she uses functional testing that looks for imbalances not just disease. Imbalances will appear long before a disease manifests. Treatment is done using as natural means as possible and not using dangerous medications with unwanted side effects. She is tenacious with looking for what is wrong and takes that extra step to help you not only feel better, but be healthier for yourself and your loved ones.

I grew up in Fernie, a small majestic mountain town buried in the Canadian Rockies.  The valley I lived in was fondly referred to as Snow Valley due to the massive amount of snow we would receive during the winter.  We never had X-boxes or Play stations or smart phones.  Instead, we would play outside until our fingers would sting from the cold. We had fun building snow forts, having snowball fights, going snowmobiling, and skiing, which we did as part of our high school gym program.  In the summer we would fish in the rivers and swim in the many lakes that surrounded our small community. It was an outdoors persons dream place to live.

My later years of growing up in Fernie are filled with very fond memories, but there was another side of my youth that was more difficult.  I remember as a young child having repeated infections that were difficult for the medical doctors to treat. I needed repeated antibiotics that I eventually became resistant to.  My health challenges peaked when I developed peritonitis at 4 years old and was life flighted to the closest city for emergency surgery.  As a parent now, I can only imagine how difficult that was for my parents.  
Although these experiences were hard, they shaped who I became as a person and a doctor.  My lack of response to traditional medicine caused me to seek alternative means to health.  
I am grateful God gave me persistence and an innate desire to find a solution because it led me to a place of putting my health in the forefront.  I still hold onto this ideal in my practice.  I deeply desire to find a true healing solution, not just a temporary fix.  
As I became increasingly more interested in health and exercise and taking care of my body I developed a desire to show others how to take care of themselves as well. It became an obvious decision to put that into my long term career goals.
I graduated with my Bachelor of Science majoring in Biochemistry in 1989.  Shortly thereafter I packed up and moved to Portland Oregon to start my journey through medical school at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine.  I graduated in December of 1993 and in January of 1995 A Natural Choice was born.

After I graduated my learning did not stop.  God has gifted me with an insatiable desire to understand how the human body works and how to correct what is wrong with it.  I have furthered my studies with training in nutritional therapy, cellular detoxification (drainage), allergy elimination techniques (NAET), and herbal therapies to name just a few. I use advanced functional testing that digs deep into the function of the body.

Since its inception A Natural Choice has continually grown and transformed to meet the needs of the people who seek care there.   A Natural Choice is a place to learn, become inspired, and permanently connect with a circle of friends who want the best for you and have the knowledge to make a permanent lifelong change in your health and vitality.  We would love for you to come join our family.