Meet the Team

Claire Fanger, Office Manager

I have been a Pacific Northwesterner from birth. My greatest move has been from Portland across the river to Vancouver! I have been blessed with jobs and a family that allowed me to travel to many countries, so I have never had wanderlust, and love flying into the Cascade Mountain Range and the city lights of Portland, Oregon.

A Natural Choice beckoned to me in 2006 through a gal that worked for Dr. Heather Boyd, ND. She introduced me to Edna (a past support person at A Natural Choice) and Dr. Heather Boyd, ND, for my daughter who suffers from Crohns Disease. The medical profession had failed to help so I sought out alternatives. Well, the rest is history as I saw changes in my own health by following what my daughter was prescribed, so I became a patient as well. In 2009, I needed to work again, and as God has always taken care of me, sure enough, He provided me a job here at A Natural Choice.