Meet the Team

How is naturopathic medicine different from conventional medicine? In what ways are naturopathic and conventional physicians alike?

Conventional and Naturopathic medicine have some similarities. Both are searching for risk factors for future disease and yearn to help you with your health condition. Both order blood and radiological tests to identify problems and both refer you to other physicians. But that is where the similarities end.

Dr. Heather operates under a different paradigm. She looks at you as a whole person. She takes time to search your history and assess your laboratory findings in order to identify the underlying cause of your condition. She doesn’t focus on the outward symptoms, attempting to cover them up but seeks to enhance your health so your symptoms naturally go away. She also believes that all of your body systems and your bodily symptoms are in the same body and therefore are connected. Her treatment choices are directed toward natural treatments including supplements and lifestyle coaching and she chooses not to use dangerous chemicals in your prescription. Dr. Heather takes time to ensure you understand the steps you need to embark upon in order to achieve the health you desire.