Meet the Team

Dr. Heather Boyd Roberts, Naturopathic Physician

Dr. Boyd-Roberts is different from the physicians you are used to working with. She works with her patients; you will make decisions together about your health. Her approach is to address your symptoms through correction of the root cause of your concerns without using dangerous medications that have unwanted side effects. She treats a wide variety of conditions, and has an advanced understanding of the endocrine system (hormonal)and its impact on overall health as well as the digestive system. She takes that extra step to help you not only feel better, but be healthier for yourself and your loved ones.

I grew up in Fernie, a small majestic mountain town buried in the Canadian Rockies.  The valley I lived in was fondly referred to as Snow Valley due to the massive amount of snow we would receive during the winter.  We never had . . .

Claire Fanger, Office Manager

I have been a Pacific Northwesterner from birth. My greatest move has been from Portland across the river to Vancouver! I have been blessed with jobs and a family that allowed me to travel to many countries, so I have never had wanderlust, and love flying into the Cascade Mountain Range and the city lights of Portland, Oregon.

A Natural Choice beckoned to me in 2006 through a gal that worked for Dr. Heather Boyd, ND. She introduced me to Edna (a past support person at A Natural Choice) and Dr. Heather Boyd, ND, for my daughter who suffers from Crohns Disease. The medical profession had failed to help so I sought out alternatives. Well, the rest is history as I saw changes in my own health by following what my daughter was prescribed, so I became a patient as well. In 2009, I needed to work again, and as God has always taken ca . . .

Shana Brzosowicz, Office Administrator

I was born in Vancouver, WA to a large, Christian family, a heritage I am thankful for. When I was younger, I travelled to other countries on mission trips which taught me a lot about people and life. I desire to be a compassionate person just as God as shown me compassion in my life.
When I joined A Natural Choice in July 2017, I had no idea the vast knowledge I would gain about natural medicine and the importance of total body health. I am very familiar with chronic illness and the journey towards health. When I was 17, I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis and have dealt with several health issues since then. Thankfully, my experience with Ulcerative Colitis has taught me the importance of healing my gut and reducing the many stressors in my life. In the past year and a half, I have lost 40 pounds due to diet, supplements and . . .