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C0vid, the V@ccine and the Truth

Since the beginning of 2020 a particular narrative has been communicated surrounding a virus that has altered the very fabric of our society and put our American constitution on trial. We have heard a single sided story that is laced with fear that seems to be driven by a need to assert a desired outcome. An outcome that I fear will harm many. I feel it is important to be fully armed and educated so we as individuals can choose based on facts, not on fear. Please read the article below and watch the video before you make any decision that could impact your immune system for life.

Click the blue link to read a letter written by Dr. Shallenberg regarding his concerns about the C0vid shot that I completely agree with. Dr. Shallenbergs letter

This is a video from a political forum in Idaho. The first 30 minutes of the video are about C0vid. The remainder are Idaho politics.