Treating the Flu
Dr. Heather Boyd-Roberts

This year (2017/2018) has been a particularly difficult flu season. People who don't normally get sick are finding themselves bed ridden with symptoms much more severe that they have experienced in many years. Urgent care facilities are flooded with patients who have the flu. So what is the best course of action to help you recover once you feel that flu bug starting to take hold.

First you must rest. If your try to work through your flu with will only weaken your immune system and allow the virus to get a stronger hold on you. This in addition to spreading the lovely beast to your cohorts. So stay home and sleep.

Second you must eat very little and if you are not hungry, do not eat. Your drop in appetite is your bodies way of communicating that it is so busy fighting the attackers that it doesn't have the energy to divide some of that energy into digesting food. If you do feel the need to have something in your stomach then eating a couple pieces of sliced apple or pear seems to be enough. Definitely avoid dairy, bread, wheat, sugar and juices. Yes avoid juice. Juice is very high in sugar and sugars work to suppress your white blood cells activity. The best fluid to drink during a flu is water or the Optimal Electrolytes or other natural sugar free electrolyte replacement if you are vomiting or having diarrhea.

Third use Drainage Remedies to boost immune function and help clear the waste that is generated in the battle. The most common grouping of Unda drainage remedies used during the flu or during other respiratory illnesses is Unda 2,5,15 and 27. Unda 2 is used in all acute remedies to help clear the waste out through your kidneys. Unda 15 helps you generate a fever if you need one or if you have one it helps to make it effective so it can do the job its attempting to do. It also helps with acute inflammation. Please do not use ibuprofen or acetominophen to bring down your fever. The fever is your bodies way of fighting. If you suppress it you are hampering your recovery. If this is a foreign concept to you read Fevers are our Friend. Unda 5 helps immune function and drainage the respiratory and immune system overall. Unda 27 helps detoxify and protect the respiratory mucus membranes which aids in immune function. The minute I start to get sick I put 20 drops of each of these remedies into a 16 to 20 ounce water bottle and sip of them every 15 minutes all throughout the day. From 60 lbs and up you can use the same dose. If you are treating a small child (3 years old and younger) use 1/2 the number of drops. It is best to hold the water in your mouth for 30 seconds or so as you sip. This helps with absorption in the vasculature under your tongue.

Forth use proper anti-virals, anti-bacterials and immune support.
Takuna is an anti-viral remedy and it also has anti-bacterial effects. Use 30 drops every hour at first onset of symptoms. For elementary school age children use 1/2 the dose, for pre-kindergarden age use 1/4 of the dose. Middle school and up can use the adult dose.

Biopotent C is a bioflavanoid and fat soluble form of vitamin C so it causes immediate elevation of immune function. Ascorbic acid creates a temporary downward turn in immune function so I prefer the palmitate form. Use 1 cap every 2 hours at first onset of symptoms. Children who can swallow pills can use 1 cap every 4 hours.

ADP is a form of oregano oil that actually kills the flu and cold virus and prevents viral replication. I use 2 every 2 hours the minute I get any symptoms of a bug coming on. It is a tablet so they must be able to swallow tablets to take this.

There are a variety of other remedies that can be used, but for the 2017/2018 flu virus this is the protocol that has been having the most success.