Detoxification Methods
Dr. Heather Boyd-Roberts

Often nutritional therapy isn't enough to bring about healing and hands on therapies need to be done to aid the removal of waste form the body. If the toxic build up supersedes your bodies ability to eliminate it, your lymphatic system becomes very congested. Think of rush hour traffic downtown Portland, or even worse, downtown Seattle. When too many cars fill the roadways traffic comes to a stop. If that happens in your lymphatic system you will become sluggish, feel heavy, have fatigue and brain fog and be more susceptible to infection. Your ability to move waste will be severely compromised. Adding mechanical stimulation through alternating heat and cold, clay baths, sweating therapies, mechanical friction or drainage can stimulate circulation and clear the lymphatic traffic.

Below is a list of methods that you can do at home, with minimal supplies, to aid elimination of toxins.

Medi Body Detox Bath

Castor Oil Pack

Dry Skin Brushing

Ionic Foot Bath

Constitutional Hydrotherapy

Warming Sock Treatment

Heating Compress for the Throat

Drainage Therapy

Alternating Sitz Bath

Infrared Sauna Therapy