BitterX is a strong bitter than supports digestive, liver, gallbladder, and kidney function and a crucial support in detoxification. It contains dandelion, gentian root, solidago (goldenrod), and myrrh. This blend of bitters has a stronger effect of activating the transporters necessary to move bile, and toxins, from the liver and out through the gallbladder and delivered in a liposomal form for optimal absorption.

It contains Dandelion which is hepatoprotective (ie protects liver cells), and has kidney and bile flow stimulating benefits. Gentian aids detoxification in addition to promoting healthy bile flow. Gentian has been observed to increase levels of glutathione (primary antioxidant in the body) and other antioxidant-supporting enzymes. Solidago, a classic herb used to support the urinary system, promotes diuresis and with this the elimination of toxins, simultaneously increasing glutathione S-transferase activity, a critical enzyme in phase II detoxification through the liver. The oleo gum resin of myrrh increases bile flow and supports microbial balancing.

Here are some specific actions of BitterX

- Helps to increase bile flow that has impaired secretion by liver cells or obstruction of bile flow through the bile ducts. This robustly Support Liver Function and helps with Steatosis or fatty liver and other conditions associated with fat accumulation in the liver.

- Together with Pure PC, overcome the above conditions and Cirrhosis (scarring of liver)

- Aids Digestion Greatly and Prevents Bloating after Meals

- Treats the root problem of SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth) by ensuring sufficient bile flow from the gallbladder into the small intestines (as bile is a “detergent” like cleanser that maintains the small intestines’ environment)

- Increases Cholesterol Metabolism and Absorption of Fat-Soluble Vitamins and Compounds

- Without bile flow , toxins do not get mobilized, improving bile flow improves mobilization of toxins

- Delivered in SUV (Small Unilamellar Vesicles) Liposomes encapsulation for cellular absorption and guaranteed liver/gallbladder activation in 20-30 minutes.