Flu, Sick, What to do?
Dr. Heather Boyd-Roberts

The year 2019/2020 flu season is upon us and the intensity of this year is yet to be seen. I recommend using GUNA flu to prevent the flu, but if you feel it coming on what should you do.

First you must rest. If you try to work through your flu you will only weaken your immune system and allow the virus to get a stronger hold on you. This in addition to spreading the lovely beast to your cohorts. So stay home and sleep.

Second you must eat very little and if you are not hungry, do not eat. Your drop in appetite is your bodies way of communicating that it is so busy fighting the attackers that it doesn't have the energy to digest food. If you do feel the need to have something in your stomach then eat a couple pieces of sliced apple or pear or drink homemade bone broth. Definitely avoid dairy, bread, wheat, sugar and juices. Yes avoid juice. Juice is very high in sugar and sugar works to suppress your white blood cells. The best fluid to drink during a flu is water or the Optimal Electrolytes or other natural sugar free electrolyte replacement if you are vomiting or having diarrhea.

Third use hydrotherapy. Here are some links to various hydrotherapy treatments.

If you have a sore throat or if you are aiding drainage of fluid or infection from the ears use a Warming Compress to the Throat. You can also alternate 3 minutes hot application alternating with 30 seconds cold application to the ear or the area below the ear if tolerated. This will also help pump the liquid contents of the ear and help it drain and bring circulation with active WBC's to help fight the infection.

If you are running a fever use Constitutional Hydrotherapy at Home Treatment or Warming Sock Treatment. If you feel brave and your health is not generally debilitated then choose the constitutional treatment. This is my favorite choice because it take away the aches and pains of the fever and is a stronger therapeutic modality than the warming socks. However, if it sounds overwhelming or you are teating your child use the warming socks. Children often respond well to the warming socks.

If you are congested at tend to have sinus issues then do a steam Steam Inhalation. Steam inhalation can also be helpful with ear infections if you or your child are able to breathed deeply through the nose.

Fourth increase your fluid intake. This is a great way to take your drainage remedies. Add them to a quart of water and sip all day long. If you have diarrhea or are vomiting add a sprinkle of celtic sea salt or Himalayan sea salt to your water to replace electrolyte loss.

Fifth use Drainage Remedies to boost immune function and help clear the waste that is generated in the battle. These remedies also help with pain and ensure the immune system engages properly. If you or your child need to raise your body temperature to a fever level to fight the infection the remedies will help your body do this and bring your temperature to an ideal level. They will help your body lower a temperature that is stuck or going too high. The remedies themselves can't cause anything, but they can boost natural immunity so the body acts on its own accord to do what it needs to do to recover.

The most common grouping of Unda drainage remedies used during the flu or during other respiratory illnesses is Unda 2,5,15 and 27.

The minute you start to feel an illness coming on, at that very first point of warning, put 20 drops of each of 4 of these remedies into a quart sized water bottle and sip it, swishing each sip in your mouth for 30 seconds, every 15 minutes all throughout the day. From 60 lbs and up you can use the same dose. If you are treating a small child (3 years old and younger) use 1/2 the number of drops. It is best to hold the water in your mouth for 30 seconds or so as you sip. This helps with absorption in the vasculature under your tongue.

Here is what they are for:

Unda 2 is used in all acute remedies to help clear the waste out through your kidneys with urination.
Unda 15 helps to reduce acute inflammation and if you need to get a fever to burn of the toxins or kill the bacteria it will help make it effective. Please do not use ibuprofen or acetominophen to bring down your fever. The fever is your bodies way of fighting. If you suppress it you are hampering your recovery. If this is a foreign concept to you read Fevers are our Friend.
Unda 5 helps immune function and drainage the respiratory and immune system overall and is used when there are not obvious respiratory symptoms like sore throat or sinus congestion.
Unda 27 helps detoxify and protect the respiratory mucus membranes and is used to aid sore throats, congestion upper respiratory and the upper part of the lower respiratory tract.
Unda 710 us used if you have a sinus infection or ear infection because it helps to eliminate infection from enclosed spaces.

Sixth use proper anti-virals, anti-bacterials and immune support.

Takuna is an anti-viral remedy and it also has anti-bacterial effects. Use 30 drops every hour at first onset of symptoms. For elementary school age children use 1/2 the dose, for pre-kindergarden age use 1/4 of the dose. Middle school and up can use the adult dose.

Winter Mix is a good tasting liquid that is often used for kids. Take 1 dropperful every 2 hours for over 4 years old. For 2-4 years old take 1/2 dropperful every 2 hours.

Use Vitamin C with Bioflavanoids which helps enhance immune function. Use 1 cap every 2 hours at first onset of symptoms. Children who can swallow pills can use 1 cap every 4 hours.

ADP is a form of oregano oil that actually kills the flu and cold virus and prevents viral replication. I use 2 every 2 hours the minute I get any symptoms of a bug coming on. It is a tablet so they must be able to swallow tablets to take this.