Constitutional Hydrotherapy
Dr. Heather Boyd-Roberts

This treatment is also called a wet t-shirt treatment and it is used to stimulate your immune systems fighting capacity and assists your body in detoxification system to help eliminate the waste caused by the illness and ideally by any chronic condition you have. Developing a fever is most ideal. Read Fever is Your Friend article to understand why.

Step 1) Prepare your Bed:

Place a blanket under your covers to prevent your bed from getting wet when you climb in it. Pull the covers back.

Step 2) Prepare the T-shirt and Towels

In a large bowl put your large loose T-shirt along with ice and water and set beside the tub within reach.

Have 2 towels ready for when you get out of the tub.

Step 3) The Bath

Have a hot bath for 10 min and makes sure your temperature is at least 98.6F. Immerse your body up to your neck so you warm your core completely.

1 minute prior to getting out of the tub wring out the T-shirt as much as possible so it is wet, but not dripping anywhere.

Lay back down to warm up again.

Step 4)

Get out of the tub and poor the ice water over your feet.

Dry off with the towel and put the wet T-shirt on. Wrap a dry towel around you and another dry towel over your shoulders.

Step 5)

Climb in bed and stay there for a minimum of 20-30 minutes. Let yourself fall asleep.

Do not let yourself get chilled. If you wake much later and feel chilled, take all the wet clothes and blanket out of your bed, put dry warm clothes on and go back to bed and sleep.