Fevers Are Our Friends
Dr. Heather Boyd-Roberts

Fevers are generally considered our foe. But, in reality Fevers are our friend. And in fact, are a necessary part of health promotion and illness prevention. Here are a number of reasons why fevers should not be suppressed or brought down with medications:

1) Fevers, in children, are needed to train the immune system how to respond to an attack.

2) Fevers and Mucous Membrane Barriers (sinus mucosa, intestinal lining…) are the ONLY ways children under 7 can fight invaders. They do not make antibodies until after 7 year old.

3) Fevers are needed to incinerate the toxic or infectious substance causing the illness.

4) Fevers are a necessary stimulation to trigger the more complex parts of the immune system to respond.

5) Fevers cause our blood constituents to change so the invading organism cannot survive.

6) Fevers of 102F or higher cause invaders cell walls to break down and, in essence, ‘explode.’

7) Fevers speed complete recovery from your illness.

8) Strong vital immune systems make high fevers. Weak immune systems don’t have the strength to make a fever.

9) People who never get colds/flues/fevers are at risk for increased toxic accumulation. Think of a fever or a cold as yearly house cleaning.

So, to lower a fever with medication is to suppress your body’s natural healing potential. The fever is your body’s response, not the enemy. Instead, the next time you have a fever or a cold why not work toward aiding your body’s own healing mechanisms. We use hydrotherapy, Unda drainage, homeopathy and immune stimulating herbal and vitamin compounds. So the next time you get sick, instead of turning to NSAIDS ask us what to do.
What to do when you have a fever:

1. First do not suppress your temperature. Use remedies that help your body accomplish the fight it is in.

2. Use Unda remedies:

a. Unda 2 and unda 15 are always used in an acute condition. Unda 2 aids your body in eliminating actively circulating toxins. Unda 15 helps reduce acute inflammation and help your fever be more effective. So if it is too high it will helps it do its job and lower it and if you need one to fight the infection it will help your body get your temperature to the level it needs.

b. Use 2 other undas that support your symptoms.
c. Unda 5 cleanses the entire respiratory system.
d. Unda 37 is anti-infective and reduces inflammation.
e. Unda 27 is used for sore throat and bronchial problems and helps with detoxify the respiratory system.
f. Unda 32 is used for a lung cough
g. Unda 710 is used for sinus or ear infections
h. Unda 312 for sore throat and used only for as long as the throat is the primary symptom
i. When you take the remedies use 5 drops of each of the remedies every 2 hours or alternatively mix 15 drops of each remedy in ˝ liter of water and sip every 15 minutes. Make sure you take the remedies 10 minutes away from food or drink other than water.

Example combinations that are common:
Unda 2, 15, 27, 710 - used most commonly with the common cold and sore throats. Under 312 may be needed for a couple days if the sore throat is the primary problem. In that case use Unda 2, 15, 27 and 312 and when sore throat resolves discontinue 312 and add 710. Typically you only need the 312 for a couple days.

Unda 2, 15, 5 and either 27 or 710 - is used for influenza where fever is the primary symptom.

3. Constitutional hydrotherapy or warming socks. The instructions for both of these therapies are posted online under this link, Health Topics, Home Health Care.

4. Drink lots of water (not juice, it’s too high in sugar) and eat very light (small amount of fruit, some veggies, rice, and broth). If you are not hungry don’t eat. Your digestive tract robs your immune system of 60% of the needed energy to fight your infection.

5. Consider herbal immune support. We have a formula called Winter Mix that patients love. It contains high quality immune enhancing and infection fight herbs including Elderberry, Goldenseal, Echinacea and vitamin C. The dose of this formula is 1-2 dropperfuls every 2 hours for adults and ˝ the dose for children.

6. REST. Remember your body is tired for a reason. If you try to go to work and push it through an illness your illness will last longer and you will be less productive by dragging yourself through your work day instead of just resting and getting back to 100%.

7. Remember a web stie is not a substitute for a doctor. This article is intended to be used by present patients who have seen any of the physicians at A Natural Choice.