Drainage Therapy, What is it and Why is it Important to me?
Dr. Heather Boyd-Roberts

As part of your therapy you may be introduced to a concept called drainage therapy. We often use Unda drops for this therapy and this article will help you understand the importance of these drops and what we are targeting in your treatment plan.

Each day our cells are exposed to a barrage of toxins from the environment and from metabolic waste that is created through normal daily body functions. This build-up of waste gets stored in the spaces that surround your cells, otherwise known as intercellular space. This toxic build-up hinders the passage of nutrients through your cells and impairs elimination or drainage of cellular waste. When this build-up occurs your already compromised cellular environment now has poor circulation, and this sluggish circulation leads to further build-up of more cellular waste or metabolites. Many symptoms and diseases result from this toxic build up and poor circulation.

For this reason, in order to heal the underlying cause of the symptoms, one of the initial therapeutic steps should always be to increase circulation and clear the path to the cells, by “draining” the toxins. Macro doses of vitamins, minerals and herbs will not act inside the cell, instead they act on tissues and organ systems. Homeopathic remedies that improve metabolic functions by increasing the elimination of waste from inside the cell and increasing circulation from and to the cells are called “Drainage Remedies.” Unda remedies are the highest quality drainage therapy available. They are manufactured in Europe under the strict drug guidelines put forth by the European pharmacopia. Their standards for the manufacturing of nutritional supplements are highly regulated ensuring that every batch is the same year after year and it is guaranteed to contain the ingredients listed on the label. This is not the case with remedies manufactured in the United States. In the US it is up to the discretion of the manufacturer. Dr. Boyd prefers using European drainage remedies, when available, because of this quality difference.

The accumulation of waste in the spaces around cells is a gradual process, it didn’t happen overnight. Long before you develop symptoms your cell function starts to decline, but your body is able to compensate, so you don’t really feel any different. Once the accumulation goes beyond your body’s ability to compensate, that is when your symptoms develop. These symptoms can range from fatigue, to joint pains or headaches, hormonal dysfunction, digestive discomfort or many others. To truly address the underlying cause of your symptoms you have to get the waste out, which takes time.

There are 3 stages to your therapy

Step 1 – Symptomatic Treatment: During this phase we are addressing your symptoms. It is best to be seen monthly so your remedies can be adjusted accordingly during this phase. We use remedies that aid with increasing the circulation and purging the waste specifically connected to the symptoms you are experiencing. This stage we equate to clearing the sludge build up at the bottom of the river If this analogy isn't clear to you listen to the River of Health Podcast. Click here to listen to the podcast.

Step 2 – Addressing the Underlying Cause: Once you have achieved symptomatic relief, it is time to start pulling the waste from deeper parts of the affected organs. At this stage you have swum out of the sludge at the bottom of the river and you’re feeling better, but you are very susceptible to floating right back into the sludge and having your symptoms return. During this stage we can often move to adjusting your remedies every other month. It is important that you refill your remedies, even though you’re feeling better, because we want you to continue to swim up-stream.

Step 3 – Health Optimization: At this point you are feeling great, your lifestyle has been transformed, you are able to eat and move in a way that best optimizes how you feel, and you understand what your symptoms are communicating to you. When you reach this point we recommend that you have a full body scan done every 3 to 6 months to ensure your supplementation program best matches what your needs are.

How Long Will I be using Drainage?

How quickly you progress through these stages depends on a number of factors. Typically, I recommend you commit to your health for a minimum of a year and up to 5 years. It took you time to get where you are at and it will take time to move back. How quickly you progress is determined by a few different factors: 1) how well you are able to maintain the recommended dietary and lifestyle choices 2) your underlying vitality and how many toxins you have accumulated 3) how many health challenges you are facing 4) your diagnosis 5) your stress level and 6) whether you have chronic infections, heavy metal accumulation, or past emotional trauma. Each of these factors will impact how quickly you feel better, but everyone can feel better, it just takes longer for some.

How to take your Unda drops

Unda’s are often prescribed in sets of three. This is because of a synergistic action that occurs between the remedies. Each remedy is giving your cells a separate set of instructions. Because of this it is best to take them one at a time. Also the remedies are sub-lingual; meaning absorbed in the mucous membranes under your tongue. Therefore, your palate should be clean of all food and drink except for water, and the remedies should be taken 10 minutes or longer away from food or drink except for water.
Take one of the Unda remedies and put the drops in a glass, in a spoon or directly under your tongue. Then hold that remedy for 30 seconds and swallow. You can immediately repeat this procedure for the other remedies. There is a small amount of alcohol in the remedies, so they may create a mild burning sensation under your tongue. To prevent that and prevent irritation to the tissues under your tongue, dilute the remedies with a mouthful of water. If you are giving the remedies to a child, you can mix the Unda’s together in a mouthful of water and swish for 30 seconds. If they are too young to swish they can sip it through a sippy cup to allow time for the remedy to contact the mucus membranes as they drink.

Why Special Toothpaste and No Mint?

I recommend using the Homeofresh Toothpaste to allow the remedies to work to their fullest. The Homeofresh comes in 3 flavors, mild lemon, anise and chlorophyll. The chlorophyll is not mint but has a mild mint taste. Mint tends to interfere with the action of all homeopathics. Coffee and soda should also be avoided to enable the cells to take the most advantage of the drainage remedies. Both coffee and soda are very acidic and the acid waste adds to your bodies toxic burden and tends to inhibit the full function of the remedies.