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Saliva versus Blood for Hormone Testing

Your saliva hormone values give you an excellent picture of your Bio-available hormone levels. Your bio-available or "available" hormone level is extremely important because it is those hormones that are active at carrying out the various hormone functions throughout your body. About 95-99% of your total blood hormones are bound to carrier proteins and are therefore not available for functional use in your tissues. The remaining 1-5% are free to move into the cells and perform their hormonal functions. If you have blood hormones measured, these results reflect your total hormone levels and not the “bio-available” fraction, so saliva is a far more accurate reflection of your true hormonal status. .

There are multiple reasons to perform saliva hormone testing:

1) To determine whether hormone replacement therapy is appropriate for you.

2) To determine your ideal dose of hormone replacement therapy. One that is not only effective, but also safe!

3) Once an ideal dose is determined, a yearly panel will be run to ensure your dose continues to be safe. Remember even bio-identical replacement therapy carries risks and safely monitoring your levels is key to minimizing those risks.

3) To identify if hormonal imbalances are the cause of your symptoms.

One of the areas that we assess in Saliva Testing is Adrenal Function. During a 24 hour period, cortisol typically peaks in the early morning and drops dramatically thereafter. This cycle is called circadian rhythm. Ideally cortisol should drop to 10% of it’s level by evening. A healthy adrenal gland replenishes cortisol during sleep. An abnormal adrenal rhythm can influence functions of the body such as:

* Difficulty rising in the morning or energy slumps during the day
* Reduced tissue repair and increased tissue breakdown lending to muscle and joint pain
* Compromised bone rebuilding and an increased risk of Osteoporosis
* Suppressed immune response
* Lowered ability to enter REM sleep leading to reduced vitality and depression
* Less skin regeneration
* Hypothyroid symptoms

A morning DHEA level is also taken when testing Adrenals as long term adrenal stress can cause DHEA suppression, which can lead to low testosterone in both men and women.

With the physicians at A Natural Choice you receive a complete personalized assessment not the “cookie cutter” program that many of the doctors are utilizing on the market today. There is no one size fits most here. We utilize an extensive questionnaire and interview process, lab testing, bio-energetic testing and computerized analysis, and customized products that fit your body and your body’s specific needs. If you have adrenal insufficiency we will identify the BEST formula to fit your needs.

You deserve the best so choose the best way to take care of yourself.

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