Energy, Mood Dear Dr. Boyd,

When I first took the homeopathics you prescribed I started to feel better. Now I am happy again and love cuddling my kitties; and feel my life has purpose and meaning for me and hopefully others. Also I sleep better than ever. Yeah! I just finished working three 12 hour days that were very busy. They could have been scary and stressful, but...I kept saying..."Things always work out for me." I got up today (after sleeping well until 7:40) and feel great!

Also the customer service and follow through of your staff and yourself is like no allopathic office I have ever dealt with!

You all are great.


Fibromyalgia I had been dealing with fibromyalgia with moderate to severe muscle pain for 2 decades. Since coming to A Natural Choice (Dr. Wagner), over the last 7 months, my pain has decreased to almost nothing! Before seeing Dr. Wagner, I couldn't walk more than 10 minutes. Now, I recently walked a 10k! Amen! I'm convinced that the testing methods used at A Natural Choice helped pinpoint the root of my problems.


Stomach Problems - Feel Better I came to Dr. Heather feeling old, tired and bloated. My stomach that was always churning; eating certain foods made me feel awful. I was gradually getting worse and worse but my doctor said there was nothing wrong with me. It was depressing; I wondered if I would ever feel better.

Then I found Dr. Heather. She understood my stomach problems and pinpointed exactly what was wrong. We identified which foods caused problems, she gave me NAET treatments and supplements and now I feel great! Iíve lost weight, I have lots of energy and my stomach is happy. The difference has been truly life changing. I canít recommend her enough!


Bio-Identical Hormone Balancing I was on bioidentical hormone creams through another doctor and thought I was doing fine -- my blood tests looked good. Dr. Heather told me about the advantages of drops and suggested I try them instead. She used a saliva test instead, that indicated my hormone levels were WAY out of balance. With adjustments in dosage and a switch to drops, I have more energy, Iíve lost weight and my sex drive has returned. Yippee!


A Lifesaver I think Dr. Heather is amazing. She listens, she cares, and she actively works toward her patient's best health.
I credit her with saving both my husband and my daughter's lives.
I cannot recommend her highly enough!!
Thank-you Dr. Heather.

Mesotherapy I was having stiffness and pain in my foot especially during exercising and more severe after exercising.
I could never bend my big toe, and I could bend it after the first treatment.
Now, after 6 treatments, there is no pain in my foot.


Fatigue, Never Gives up The medical profession had failed to help so I sought out alternatives. Well, the rest is history as I saw changes in my own health by following what my daughter was prescribed by Dr. Heather Boyd, so I became a patient as well. I have struggled with chronic health problems that my family told me were ďnormalĒ for my entire life. With Dr. Boyd, I learned they were NOT normal, and thus my Journey on The River of Health began. In 2009, I needed to work again and a job here at A Natural Choice was available. I consider it a privilege and honor to work with a Naturopath and staff that truly cares about finding the root cause of problems, working together, and never giving up!!