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Purification Weight Loss Program

What is the Purification Weight Loss Program?
How is the Purification Weight Loss Program different?
Success Stories!
What conditions usually improve on the Purification Weight Loss Program?

What is the Purification Weight Loss Program?

On the Purification Weight Loss program you will look amazing, you will have more energy, your mind will become clear, and your body will perform like you are 10 years younger. You will eat a diet of balanced proteins, essential fats, and healthy carbohydrates. The high quality nutrition built into the plan will provide you with all of the necessary amounts of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and essential fatty acids that your body needs for you to look and feel your best.

The Purification Weight Loss program is structured and easy to administer with simple guidelines and no guesswork. There are 3 stages to the program. First, you will go through a 21 day purification diet to detoxify your liver, digestive system and lymphatic system. Second, you will move into the long term weight loss phase. During this phase you will meet every one or two weeks with our trained staff who will track your body composition including body fat, water composition, and muscle mass. The third step is the long term maintenance once you have reached your weight loss goals. During the entire program we will monitor your progress and ensure you are losing right type of weight. The doctor will overlook your progress every step of the way.

On this program your muscle tone will improve as you lose weight. You will look and feel better than you have in a long time. And, because you are eating in a way that optimizes your body’s ability to heal, rather than become depleted, your body will safely detoxify and regenerate itself as you burn fat.

How is the Purification Weight Loss Program Different?

1) The Purification Weight Loss Program uses your body chemistry to burn fat so you will not feel hungry.
2) You will feel a new zest for life as your energy level rises.
3) You will learn to eat real food that you find in your fridge.
4) You will reduce your risk factors for high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol and obesity related cancers.
5) You will look great and feel even better.
6) Your progress is tracked by trained physicians.

Success Stories:

I have been on the Purification Program for a month now, with one weekend off due to company over. I have lost 6# which encourages me that it will stay off as opposed to those diets where you lose a lot in the beginning due to water weight loss. I have noticed on the program that I get hungry, but without the hypoglycemic jitters, headaches that I normally get if I don't eat. I find I don't need snacks of vegetables; I just have a Greens drink in the afternoon, and I'm fine. This just seems like a lifestyle change as I am training my body to eat three meals a day of p rotein and vegetables/fruits. ~~cf

Health Conditions that Improve as You Lose Weight - Becoming Healthier!

High Blood Pressure
Elevated Cholesterol and Triglycerides
Diabetes/Elevated Blood Sugars
Irritable Bowel
Achy joints and muscles
Premenstrual Syndrome and Menopausal symptoms
Heartburn/Gastric Reflux