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BioIdentical Hormone Replacement

Restore your youthful vitality with Bio-identical hormone replacement. To determine your ideal prescription we first use advanced comprehensive hormone testing called DUTCH or dried urine testing for comprehensive hormones. Using urinary hormone testing, your metabolic hormone function is measured, so that the correct prescription can be curtailed specifically to meet your body’s needs.

Because prescribe bio-identical hormones are just like the hormones that our bodies were designed to recognize and utilize, their effects are more physiologic - consistent with our normal biochemistry with less chance for unpredictable side effects than with synthetic or non-bio-identical hormones.” (“The Wisdom of Menopause” Christiane Northrup, M.D.).

To get started with your Hormonal Assessment visit you can email us at or call for an appointment 360-573-CARE (2273). You can schedule your Hormonal Assessment visit and a follow up to review your test results at the same time.

You will then set up your portal and your new patient paperwork will be instantly at your finger tips to be completed and submitted right on your computer.

At your new patient appointment you will be given instruction on the timing and which DUTCH test is best for you.

At the follow up appointment your results will be thoroughly explained and recommendations will be made that best match your body's needs.