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Join TEAM WELLNESS for your Journey to Health......
Dr. Heather Boyd-Roberts

Keto, Paleo, Vegan, oh forget it I'll go back to what I like because everything healthy tastes bad and I am too confused to know what to eat. Do you keep making new goals only to give up after 2 months on your journey due to lack of success or frustration? Do you suffer from aches and pains, fatigue, brain fog, poor sleep, digestive distress, blood sugar and cholesterol issues, headaches or chronic sinus issues?

A yes to any of these questions, means you need help. Your body is trying to tell you that it is time to change.

It's human nature to think we can do it on our own, but research suggests that we were not designed that way. We were designed for community. We would love to support you by having you join our TEAM WELLNESS and begin a journey of change and transformation.

This is some of the transformative changes that you could have:

Better Energy
Clothes Fit Better
Less Anxiety and Depression
Clearer Thinking
Improved Immune Function
More Restful Sleep
Less Joint Pain
Improved Body composition
Lower Cholesterol and Triglycerides
Reduced Blood Sugar
Fewer Headaches
Reduced Sinus Congestion

How do you get Started?:

Step 1: Schedule for a TEAM WELLNESS Evaluation

Initial 45 minute evaluation
Nutritional Assessment
Toxicity Questionnaire
Goals evaluation
Body Composition Analysis Scan

Step 2: Schedule TEAM WELLNESS Results Overview

We will review the results of what your symptoms, nutritional evaluation, toxicity questionnaire and Body Composition Analysis scan revealed and start you on your eating plan identified by your goals.

Our Body Composition Analysis Scan a tool that goes beyond the scale and tests your muscle, water, metabolic rate, cell health, total fat and the level of your visceral fat or most dangerous fat. Dangerous meaning the fat that leads to diabetes and heart disease. Here is a link to learn more Body Composition Analysis Scan.

Step 3: Schedule 5 Weekly visits

Each week you will meet with the Nutritional Therapy Practitioner to be supported on the recommended changes and educated on different aspects of your program and on health choices. She will track your need for further evaluation or testing based on your progress. During those 5 weeks you will have a repeat Body Composition Analysis scan on weeks 3, 5 and 7 to track the changes in your body as you follow your program.

Step 4: Schedule your week 8 Progress Report.

On week 7 of your program you will also complete all of the evaluations that were initially done at the start of your program so on the 8th week we can reveal your amazing progress. I get excited just thinking about it.

To get started on your journey Right away Schedule at and ask for a TEAM WELLNESS visit or call us at 360 573 2273 to get started today.


I feel a lot better, sleep all night, and work longer without getting tired!”

The Restart Program is such a life-changer! The first week was hard. I won't deny that. I didn't realize how "addicted" I was to sugar and other carbs. But after that first hurdle, I started to feel better - inside and out! I learned so much about nutrition and was surprised to hear that things I normally considered to be healthy, in fact, were not. I love this program and I love how I feel after the program. This is how I want to feel for the rest of my life, and with the information I learned in the Restart Program, I will be able to do just that!”

I didn’t know what I was getting into with Restart, but with the help of my group and my RESTART Instructor's encouragement I managed to learn a lot. By the third week it was a lot easier, my energy was really steady, I had a lot less inflammation in my body, and I felt emotionally resilient. I am still integrating what I learned about food into my regular day-to-day life so I can keep feeling this good!”

I loved this informative and healthful program. It has taught me so much. Biggie: stay out of my head and don't worry about small stuff! This RESTART® will be incorporated into my diet from now on.”

I am excited for the future. I want to continue this for life”

Call now 360 573 2273 or email us at to get started.