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Stress Testing - Stress impact on YOUR HEALTH
Dr. Heather Boyd-Roberts

HeartMath or the EmWave is a type of biofeedback that measures the coherence of your breath and teaches you how to alter the negative effects of stressful emotions or of a hectic lifestyle. By changing your breathing pattern through training you can actually regulate your cortisol output and reduce the deteriorating impact that stress has on your body. You can find relief from chronic anxiety, boost your focus and energy and improve your sleep through entraining your breath.

75% of patient visits are related to a stressful event or a stressful lifestyle. Researchers have discovered that feelings such as frustration, insecurity, anxiety and depression suppress immune function, disturb hormonal balance, disrupt blood sugar regulation, and increase the pain and suffering of chronic complaints. By using Heartmath Em Wave Pro you can learn how to adapt to these circumstances and to prevent the negative effects of stress through a simple breathing technique.

Most of us diminish the actual impact on our health of multiple stressors occurring simultaneously. To identify how many stressors may cause you to have a decline in your health take the Stress Test Questionnaire

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Watch this video on how God ties us all together with human emotion and think how empowering you can be to your family by changing your heart one breath at a time.