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Are you at Risk? Find out and stop the probes now!
Dr. Heather Boyd-Roberts

One out of two people are now diagnosed as pre-diabetes. 50% of people who have a heart attack have normal cholesterol. For 50% of people the first sign of heart disease is a sudden death heart attack.

The facts make identifying your risks imperative. We uses advanced prognostic indicators to identify your individual risk factors for diabetes, stroke and heart attack and create specialized nutrition protocols based on your specific risks.

I work in conjunction with a laboratory called Boston Heart. They provide advanced prognostic indicators for your glycation level (i.e. cell damage caused by sugar), insulin and how well your tissues are responding to insulin. A combination of these factors is a more accurate indicator of how close you are to developing diabetes or insulin resistance.

Boston Heart looks at your lipids in a new way. They look at not only the volume of cholesterol your blood contains, but also the number of particles of cholesterol, how effective your HDL is at protecting you, how inflamed your arteries are, and they look at makers to identify the likelihood that you are laying down plaque. They test genetic pathways that if altered can form harmful intermediates that cause damage to arteries and accelerate the cardiovascular disease process. They test genetics to look at how well your body metabolizes statins or whether you are at risk of developing myopathy (muscle disease) from the medication.

Combining your lab results with your blood pressure, weight, exercise level, and other physical findings along with your family history provides you with a more clear picture of your cardiovascular and metabolic risks. Armed with this information you can embark on appropriate nutritional strategies to target the areas that specifically put you at risk and in essence slow the aging process.