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Hormone Testing and Therapy

Identifying where your hormonal imbalances lie is the first step to resolving your symptoms. Hormonal transitions are natural changes in both men and women. During these times in our lives these changes can trigger physical and emotional symptoms that can be difficult to deal with. Perfectly balancing your hormones can bring back your energy, happiness, memory and focus and sex drive.

Your hormonal system is a complex network of communicating signals that interact and influence each other. To assess one independently leaves question as to the validity of the result. Commonly the thyroid is looked at as an independent hormone producing gland, the adrenal glands are not looked at all, and the ovarian hormones are thought to be controlled by birth control pills and hormone replacement without consideration of how those hormones impact your body as a whole. Dr. Boyd looks at the entire hormonal system getting to the root of your hormonal imbalances.

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