Chronic infections (sinusitis)
Dr. Heather Boyd-Roberts

Chronic sinusitis is one of the most common health concerns seen by physicians. 1 out of 7 Americans suffer from chronic sinusitis. Unfortunately, the treatment choice, antibiotics, that are still implemented are ineffective and in some cases making the problem worse.

There are 4 sinuses, or open cavities that connect to the nasal canal. If the sinuses become clogged and mucus is not allowed to run freely, then an infection can occur. It has always been assumed that the infections are caused by bacteria. However, a study done at the Mayo clinic refutes the bacterial cause hypothesis. In fact, the Mayo Clinic stated that "antibiotics don't help chronic sinusitis in the long run because they target bacteria, which are not usually the cause of chronic sinusitis." The Mayo clinic study found that sinus inflammation is directly linked to mold in your nose and in the air that you breathe.

Further research to support this discovery was published by Dr. Donald Dennis who, between 1989 and 2003, studied 639 of his chronic sinusitis patients.

Here is what Dr. Dennis has to say about the development of chronic sinusitis:

"In order to achieve and maintain wellness, it is necessary for you to understand why you have sinusitis... How Does Chronic Sinusitis Happen? You breathe airborne mold particles that are in the air. Then you have an allergic reaction to these mold fragments. This reaction causes small pits to form in the membranes that line the sinuses. These pits trap mucous so that it cannot drain. The stagnant mucous gets infected, which causes nasal polyps [benign growths within the nasal passages] and thickening of the lining which obstructs the outflow of mucous. The polyps then cause more infection and the infection causes more polyps. Thus, there is a vicious cycle which perpetuates itself. If you get rid of the mold in the nose and in the air you breathe and establish drainage in blocked sinuses you can get long term relief."

So if mold is the problem it is no wonder we suffer more in the Pacific NW where moisture and lack of weather cold enough to kill mold exists. So we need to be more aggressive here and address this condition on multiple levels: reduce environmental exposure, eliminate allergic reactions to mold, boost immune system function and eradication of systemic fungus from the body as a whole.

At A Natural Choice the physicians are experts in the area of mold eradication and we choose select therapies and supplementation to maximize the effectiveness of your treatment to cure your sinusitis. Below are a few of the necessary steps that must be taken.

1) Reduce the Mold!
Since mold appears to be the biggest culprit in chronic sinusitis then the first two steps that need to occur is to reduce the mold in your sinuses and reduce the mold in the air your breathe.

2) Eliminate Allergic Reactions to Mold!
Reducing the mold exposure is the first step, but here in the Pacific NW and other wet regions of the country it is impossible to eliminate all mold exposure. So we want to make sure that the reaction you are having to the mold you are being exposed to is minimal. Allergies or sensitivities to mold can enhance your inflammatory response to mold. We use a technique called NAET to control these reactions.

3) Boost Immune Function!
Mold is ubiquitous. So if mold or fungus was the only culprit everyone would get sinusitis. But that is not the case. Fungal overgrowth requires an environment that has excess debris (ie toxins) for food and a diminished immune system that is too weak to prevent the overgrowth. You might say, "But I don't ever catch colds, so my immune system is working fine." However, not everyone who has a poorly functioning immune system will catch a cold. You may just catch one infection that never goes away completely.

4) Removal of Intestinal or Systemic Fungus!
Commonly when there is an intestinal overgrowth of fungus or yeast, it reflexes with mucus discharge from the sinuses. It's not uncommon for someone with chronic sinusitis to also have IBS, loose stools, constipation, boating or gas. To completely clear up the sinusitis requires addressing the intestinal issues at the same time.

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