Bio-Identical Hormones
Dr. Heather Boyd-Roberts

Restore your youthful vitality with Bio-identical hormone replacement. To determine your ideal prescription we first identify where your deficiencies or excesses lie. Bio-identical hormones are made in the lab from hormone precursors found in soybean or yams. “Because bio-identical hormones are just like the hormones that our bodies were designed to recognize and utilize their effects are more physiologic - consistent with our normal biochemistry with less chance for unpredictable side effects than with synthetic or non-bio-identical hormones.” (“The Wisdom of Menopause” Christiane Northrup, M.D.). Using salivary hormone testing your cellular hormonal levels are measured, so that the correct prescription can be curtailed specifically to meet your body’s needs.

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Step 1) Schedule for an appointment by emailing us or calling us at 360 573 CARE (2273).

Step 2) Complete the necessary paper work and bring it to your initial visit.

Step 3) During your initial visit the doctor does a complete history analyzing your potential benefits versus risk factors associated with using hormone replacement therapy.

Step 4) Salivary hormone testing is performed. You may also be a candidate for electrodermal screening, which is very cutting technology that performs a full body scan.

Step 5) Create a program to optimize your hormone function and your nutrtional protection.