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Immu-Shot, Flu Shot Alternative, Boost Your Fighting Power, Not your Toxicity!
January 23, 2013
Dr. Heather Boyd Roberts

After I sent you the article on the potential dangers of the flu shot we received many requests for an alternative to the flu shot.

The Immu-Shot is a safe immune boosting homeopathic formulation that activates your own specific defenses against influenza, bronchitis, pneumonia, tonsillitis or other lymphatic swellings, pertussis, as well as other viral conditions.

The specific combination of homeopathic ingredients:
• Boosts your immune fighting power.
• Increase lymphatic flow and reduce congestion throughout your body.
• Aids in detoxification of your cells.
• Enhances overall function of all your immune fighting organs.

After you receive the Immu-Shot you are stronger and more able to fight off unwanted viruses on your own. Galium, one of the ingredients, provides an extra boost to your immune system in cases where chronic diseases may prevent the full function of your immune system.

We developed the Immu-Shot because of the the lack of research on the safety of the individual ingredients that are found in the flu shot. In addition, there are some ingredients that are known to not be safe, including mercury and a compound that is known to cause Gullain Barre, a severe neurological condition. Since my original article there have been numerous articles since suggesting a serious lack of effectiveness of the flu shot. The product insert claims effectiveness only against the organism that was placed in the flu shot. If you get infected by a different organism you have no extra immunity. Since the flu tends to change from year to year it’s a bit of a guessing game. In addition, there is a 30% chance that you could get the side effects that mimic the flu from the vaccination. This is listed on the product insert!

Recommended Dosage:
For those who are relatively healthy having the shot 2x/year should suffice. For those with suppressed immunity or who are chronically ill I would recommend the shot every quarter or 4x/year. You can also get the Immun-Shot right when you start developing symptoms to prevent its onset or reduce the severity of the disease.

Other Support:
In addition to the Immu-Shot using Imu-gen 5 drops once daily as an oral immune boosting support has show to be very effective against all types of infections. If you feel symptoms starting immediately get an Imu-Shot as an immediate immune boost and use Imu-gen 5 drops 4x/day and Defense-gen 5 drops up to 6x/day along with a non-ascorbic acid Vitamin C of 1000grams every 1-2 hours. I use BioPotent C due to its tolerance and effectiveness.

How do I get an Immu-Shot:
If you would like to receive the Immun-Shot, call the office at 573-2273 or email us at

Immu-Shot Ingredients:
In the Immu-Shot there is no mercury or any toxic agents. The following is list of the ingredients listed in the Immu-Shot.

Homeopathic Vincetoxicum – Provides stimulation of the body's own defenses in cases of feverish virus diseases such as influenza, mumps, etc.
Homeopathic Sulfur - Stimulates cellular activity at catalyzes cellular function.
Homeopathic Aconitum - Used to boost immunity where chills, influenza, fever, inflammatory rheumatism and anxiety is involved.
Homeopathic Bryonia - Used with inflammation of all serous membranes, including those with coughing and joint pains.
Homeopathic Lachesis - Used with congestive bronchitis and excess mucous accumulation.
Homeopathic Eupatorium - Used to boost immune in cases of influenzal infections, coughs, headaches, joint pains.
Homoepathic Phosphorus - Used to boost immunity in cases of laryngitis, hoarseness and bronchial affections.
Homeopathic Galium - Detoxifying agent.
Homeopathic Thuja - Constitutional support especially for disease with a tendency toward degeneration.
Homeopathic Hedera helix - Used with acute and chronic nasal congestion.
Homeopathic Echinacea - Used to strengthen the defensive mechanism in every kind of infection and in all locations.
Homeopathic Pyrogenium - Used for infectious reactions and edema.
Homeopathic Myosotis - Used for chronic bronchitis.
Homeopathic Scrofularia - Used for inflammation and swelling of the lymph glands.
Homeopathic Fumaria - Blood purifying agent, aiding disorders of the liver.
Homeopathic Nasturtium - Used for diseases of the liver to boost function.
Homeopathic Teucrium - Used in chronic rhinitis, chronic bronchitis to boost immune processes.

Written by Dr. Heather Boyd Roberts of Natural Choice Healthcare Vancouver, Washington