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Eat a lot of Celery and Parsley, it May help you Prevent Breast Cancer
November 29, 2012
Dr. Heather Boyd Roberts

A recent study at the University of Missouri showed that apigenin, a natural substance found in celery and parsley, may be a non-toxic treatment for aggressive breast cancer. The apigenin slowed the progression of breast cancer cells in three ways: 1) It caused cell death 2) it inhibited cancer cell proliferation 3) it reduced expression of a gene associated with cancer growth. Also blood vessels responsible for feeding cancer cells were smaller in diameter in apigenin-treated mice compared to untreated mice. Smaller vessels means restricted nutrient flow to the tumor which may have helped in starving the tumor and limiting its ability to spread.

Full study is available at PubMed

Written by Dr. Heather Boyd Roberts of Natural Choice Healthcare Vancouver, Washington