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Achoooo.......Allergies and NAET
June 30, 2012
Dr. Heather Boyd Roberts

This seems to be a particularly bad year for allergies. For all you who suffer with the sudden bouts of itching and sneezing and runny nose I empathize. This year I too have had this battle. I was seemingly fine at work and even on walks around my neighborhood, but the minute I got home I was miserable. My eyes were red and so itchy that I was constantly rubbing them. I was having sneezing fits followed by a running nose that I would have to blow just to attempt to scratch the inside of my sinuses. I was taking everything short of pharmaceutical in an attempt to control my symptoms. And although my symptoms were much better with the treatment regime it was a constant battle to keep that control.

Three days ago I decided to treat my hay fever with NAET. I ran a zyto scan of weeds, flowers, trees, grasses and a mixture we had created from the outside environment in June. Grass, pollens and the outside mix had the strongest reactivity so I treated those items together. Throughout Friday I continued to have bouts of allergy break throughs. Each time I did I did a self-treatment and my symptoms would calm. Within 24 hour I was significantly better.

Today, 2 days later, I am 80% improved. I have been minimally taking my allergy support supplements and have done quite well. I can once again enjoy my home without allergic misery. This week I plan to treat flowers, weed and a new outdoor mix created from the plants around my home. After that the mild symptoms should also disappear.

I am so grateful for NAET. Click on the link Allergy Eliminatin (NAET) Treatments for more information.

If you suffer from allergies, don't wait. Have them treated as soon as possible. You will be happy you did.
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Written by Dr. Heather Boyd Roberts of Natural Choice Healthcare Vancouver, Washington